I’m very into science these days.

Yeah, Cecil. Science.

Someone please explain to me how a grown ass man can be such a dork gods Cecil<33 There was obviously no way for me to avoid it.

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I don’t know if this has already been done but~ I did it.

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I had a dream the other night that they made a Night Vale movie and that Cecil was introduced with a very dramatic shot of him walking down the station hallway until it pans down and you see he’s wearing light-up sketchers

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Intern Richard called to say the woods are stunning, and the moment he arrived, they were so welcoming.
3. Woods

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How Cecil thinks Carlos does science:image

How Carlos actually does science:


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He had very strong feelings about it, that much is for sure. He chilled out a little after Dimas started to get him more involved in his hair’s day-to-day care, though, which Kevin rather took a liking to. 

Dimas actually considered cutting his hair himself after the third time it got caught in a machine at the lab and he nearly got crushed to death, but he liked that his hair gave him and Kevin a little morning ritual they could share, so he decided against it in the end.

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Did someone ask for 3/4 views of Carlos?


Well, too bad!

Bonus: The Phone Call (aka, why you need references. I didn’t realize I had no idea how to draw a hand holding a smart phone until I tried to sketch it and came up blank, haha!)



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gravity falls + wtnv tweets

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i will just quietly continue to draw all the cute quotes from the new episode yes


i will just quietly continue to draw all the cute quotes from the new episode yes

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For school I had to make some silly magazine spreads. First time doing them so they are kinda crappy. but I had a lot of fun. :)

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